Why Use Video in B2B Marketing?

For too long, we have been whispering about things like feelings, sentiment, and emotion in B2B marketing. Well now is the time to turn these whispers into a roar and transform business to business marketing. Marketing that has for too long been dull, fact-based and highlight driven. It may seem that a company will buy from a logical position; however, the person purchasing does not think their way to a sensible solution. Instead, we feel our way.

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” Maya Angelou

If we can make the purchaser feel emotions and make a connection with the brand as a person, then they will justify the feelings with facts later.

B2B needs to start using storytelling in their marketing just as much as B2C does. When we listen to a presentation of facts and stats, we only stimulate the left side of the brain. This area only deals with language and logic. However, when we hear a story rich with meaning and visually vibrant, then both sides of the brain are activated. The right side (the creative half) is captivated and stimulated. Stories pull us in and facilitate emotional experiences, and once you’ve made someone feel those emotions, they won’t forget. That feeling stays with us, and we associate it with the brand that made us feel that way.

Video the best way to form these relationships with your audience through emotional connection. That’s because the video is a medium to which we are hardwired to respond. When your viewers watch a video or engage with a story, the viewer’s emotions start to mirror what’s on-screen. (Think of the fear you feel in your gut when you watch a scary movie.)

The most effective videos will play directly to the emotions of your audience; this is why the story is king. If you combine the right story with the correct format, then you’ll have emotionally resonating branded content that will connect buyers to you.

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