Privacy Guide

Proudly Tracker-Free

Privacy on the web has a sordid history, with the majority of sites now running third-party scripts which track and aggregate your behaviour across different sites and show no respect for your identity and information.

We don’t want anything to do with that.


We don’t use tracking scripts of any kind. The usage statistics we gather on come from our web host, Netlify, and include only aggregate data such as unique page views. We do not see any personally identifiable information, and the data never leaves Netlify.


Our website doesn’t contain any third-party scripts or use cookies. The minimal set of scripts we use on the site enable functionality such as pop-up menus and animation, and are not concerned with collecting information.


If you complete a form on this website, our web host Netlify captures the information along with your current IP address, which is saved as a spam-prevention measure and is not used for geo-location or any other purpose.

The information from the form is sent to a shared email inbox at our email host, Fastmail, where all our staff use two-factor authentication and Fastmail’s app-specific passwords.


All the code that makes up our website is hosted on Github, and is available for anyone to view. The code comprises the website’s text and design elements, and doesn’t contain visitor or client information of any kind.