Advaya Launches New Swagger-Developed Website

Swagger is proud to announce the launch this week of a new website from our friends Christabel and Ruby at Advaya (formerly Advaya Initiative).

Advaya partnered with Spanish designer Azote to conceive of a visual brand and set of layouts for the site that evokes wellbeing, playfulness, and natural concepts. It’s a fun and effective design that serves well to communicate the organisation’s values of connectedness and holistic thinking. The design’s bold, bright colours and imagery really stand out in today’s sea of beige business branding.

Swagger was pleased to step in and bring the design to life as a mobile-first responsive website. Our team developed a fast, static site, powered by an easy-to-use content management system allowing editing of all text and media content — including Advaya’s in-house podcast.

Advaya image of a London climate protest

Swagger technology partner Dan Halliday said:

“I’m really pleased with how the project turned out! Christabel and Ruby are a great team to work with, and they really know how to communicate their vision.”

Because we believe Advaya is destined for big things in 2020, we knew that the site needed to perform well under traffic spikes for popular content. Our static-first approach to web hosting means the site can handle influxes of traffic and continue without sudden downtime or major cost increases.

We’re happy that organisations like Advaya continue to see the value of bespoke design and the flexibility and performance benefits of hand-built websites and working with a real technical team. We look forward to seeing where they go next, but in the meantime take a look at their latest featured media, and browse their upcoming events to see what they’re about.

Based in London, Advaya is a systems change platform, galvanising a culture shift towards radical regeneration.

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